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Ginger and Turmeric CBD Tea

12 or 22 Ginger and Turmeric CBD teabags.The robust earthy tones of the turmeric and ginger combine with notes of cinnamon and pepper to create a warm backdrop for the sweet and tart flavours of the apples and orange peel before finally giving way to a delicate floral aftertaste of marigold and rose hip.

English Breakfast CBD Tea

12 or 22 English Breakfast Teabags with 3.8mg of CBD. This Assam and Ceylon blend combines perfectly to bring on a smooth biscuit mouth feel and add a malty underscore to the flavour with hints of almond on the finish.

Floral CBD Tea

12 or 22 Floral Black Teabags with Rosehip Camomile and Hibiscus with 3.8mg of CBD. This tea has a delicate floral taste and rosehip and hibiscus flowers are well known for there antioxidant properties

Spiced CBD Chai

12 or 22 Spiced Black Teabags infused with cardamom, cloves and allspice, These teabags are made from a traditional recipe with a delicate mixture of blended tea combined with freshly ground, aromatic spices – cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper and cardamom, taken with or without milk the exotic combination produce a delicious taste that will relax and refresh you.

Green CBD Tea

12 or 22 Pure Green Teabags with 3.8mg of CBD.Green tea is grown in higher altitudes, more specifically the mountainous regions of East Asia. This green tea is picked by hand, and it is thought that handpicked teas are less bitter and yield a sweeter, more robust taste.

Red Berry and Hibiscus CBD Tea

Rose hips, hibiscus flowers, cranberries, blueberries, bilberries, blackberries, currants, rooibos, broad spectrum hemp extract Each 2.3g serving of tea contains 3.4mg organic CBD. These teas are caffeine free

CBTea Chocoholics Range

CBD Drinking Chocolate

With 100mg of CBD per bag.This CBD hot chocolate combines a comforting, indulgent classic with the relaxing power of full spectrum Cannabinoids to create a delightful, rich, smooth experience.

CBD Chocolate Cookie

Made with the finest Belgian chocolate and 25mg of finest quality cannabidoil (CBD). In dark chocolate or chocolate orange these are perfect with a cup of CBD coffee , drinking chocolate or CBD Tea.

Luxurious Swiss Chocolate 35mg CBD Truffles

These excellent chocolate truffles contain 35mg of CBD per truffle, and come in dark , milk and white Swiss chocolate. In boxes of 6 , 12 , or order direct from Freedom Street CBD for boxes of 30 with 10% discount using the discount code CBTea2021

Warning: Chocolate based items may contain traces of allergens

CBTea Coffee

CBTea Coffee comes from Columbia a single origin medium roast . The rich flavours include chocolate , toffee and walnut with a hint of citrus zest. Each 7 g serving contains 7mg of Full Spectrum organic CBD per cup. Our CBD products contain less than 0.02 % THC and are all fully certified

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